MN Permit to Carry Course AR15/M16/M4 Armorer 2 Day Course
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Our Price: $395.00

The handgun is primarily a defensive weapon. Small and easy to conceal, it is often the first choice when selecting a firearm for defense. The handgun is the most difficult to master in comparison to the shotgun, carbine/rifle, or sub-machine gun.

If you are going to be relying on a handgun for self-defense, then you need to be able to use it properly with accuracy and safety.

Our emphasis is to introduce the Fundamentals of Firearms Safety to the novice, and will teach the skills necessary to properly use the revolver and semi-automatic handgun in a self-defense situation.

Successful completion of this course qualifies as approved training for a Minnesota Permit to Carry. Defensive Edge is a MN BCA Approved Training Provider.

Our 16 hour AR15/M16/M4 Armorer course provides Industry Standard 5 year Armorer's Certification.
Urban Tactics 2 - October 11 & 12, 2014
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This course starts where Urban Tactics-1 ends and will hit the ground running. Students will get lots of hands on training of working in hostile urban environments to include buildings and vehicles. This course is designed to give hands on practical knowledge of how to defend and protect yourself and others in the city environment. Emphasis will be on individual and multiple tactics. The shooting skills portion will be ramped up so all should plan on an emphasis of marksmanship.

Students will be tasked with applying fundamental emergency first aid for trauma to themselves and others in hostile environments during the the scenario based training. Students should plan on working in and out of vehicles, being on the ground, being in physical contact with others, and being involved in scenario training.

This course is well suited for Law Enforcement, Military, Executive Protection Specialists, Parents, Spouses, School Resource Officers, and Security Guards. Time will be spent on the applying fundamentals necessary to deal in and around crowds, remove and move people from danger areas, and deal with hostilities while protecting others. A great deal of time will be spent on fundamentals of weapons skills for this type of task.

News and Announcements

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SLR15 Excalibur Review from S.W.A.T. Magazine, February 2012. Read the review by Denny Hansen.

We are adding classes to the Fall and Winter 2014 calendar. Check back for updates or email sully@slr15.com.

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