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1911 Handgun Armoring One Day Advanced AR15/M16/M4 Armorer Course Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Armorer Course
The course covers the 1911 series type handguns.  All students will have the opportunity to inspect their handguns and make any repairs/corrections in class to insure that it is in top working order.  This is a hands-on class that will entail custom fitting of parts, so expect to be doing lots of hands on work.

The Advanced AR15/M16 Armorers Course takes the Armorer to a whole new level of knowledge and skill.

Law Enforcement Snipers & Marksman need to be able to maintain and inspect their rifles to keep them in working order. The course covers the Bolt Action Sniper Rifle systems of the Remington 700 series, Savage 10/110 series, and Winchester/FN 70 series type rifles. All students will have the opportunity to inspect their rifles and make any corrections in class to insure their rifle is in top working order. This is a hands on class that will cover action disassembly & repair, torquing actions, proper torque of the action, extraction and ejection, maintenance, truing/lapping scope rings to maximize the performance of the rifle and optic, inspection of the pillar and bedding, and more. This program is to train Licensed Peace Officers in the maintenance, care, and repair of these weapons systems. This program follows the Manufacturer’s guidelines and is taught by FBI and NRA Certified Instructors.

M14 Rifle Armoring (2-days / 16-hours)
The course covers the M14 Rifle in both the semi-automatic and select fire versions.