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Women's Carbine 1
Our Price: 100.00

This course will be taught by the Staff of Defensive Edge and SLR15 Rifles, who have been featured in SWAT Magazine, Guns & Ammo Magazine Tactical Guns & Gear Annual, Shooting Times, Gun Digest, Guns & Weapons For Law Enforcement Magazine, and Precision Rifle Magazine. Our courses has been taught for over a decade all over the country.

The carbine Rifle is becoming more popular in the urban setting due to its great accuracy capabilities, and generally it is easier to shoot for most people due to its lack of recoil. This lack of recoil, combined with greater accuracy, make it a favorite among shooters. At the end of this course attendees will have confidence that they can shoot at something and hit it, and not be intimidated by recoil. Students will learn proper foundations, employment, mechanics and manipulation.
Self Reliance Course
Our Price: 200.00

The Self Reliance Course is a hands-on course that will cover what is needed for the individual and family in the event they find themselves in an unforeseen event or situation.

In America, the majority of the population is at risk from natural and man-made disasters that can disrupt our daily life. In one moment, the comfortable life we lead could change to a survival situation in our community.