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Carbine 1 - June 24, 2017 - Princeton, MN - Open Enrollment
Our Price: $200.00

The Carbine Rifle is becoming more popular in the urban setting due to its great accuracy capabilities, and generally it is easier to shoot for most people due to its lack of recoil. This lack of recoil, combined with greater accuracy, make it a favorite among shooters.

At the end of this course attendees will have confidence that they can shoot at something and hit it, and not be intimidated by recoil. Students will learn proper foundations, maintenance, employment, ammunition selection, mechanics and manipulation. This course is designed to hone basic fundamentals while teaching individual tactics and techniques.

Precision Rifle 1 - July 22, 2017 - Princeton, MN - Open Enrollment
Our Price: $200.00

This 1-day course will focus on tuning you into working with a precision rifle. We will concentrate on developing a foundation based on solid fundamentals, while giving you a hands on understanding of working with a magnified precision optic. The focus of this course is learning to be able to put a surgically placed round on your intended target upon demand. This course will be the prerequisite for other precision rifle courses that we offer. Space is limited.